New Michael Jackson Thriller project revealed by John Landis

Michael Jackson fans are to be thrilled all over again with a ‘spectacular’ new top secret Thriller project, original director John Landis has revealed during a visit to Sheffield.

The Hollywood legend says he has just finished work on it but details won’t be out until next year.

It is believed it may be in celebration of the groundbreaking video’s forthcoming 35th anniversary.
The 13-minute Thriller video helped the album to sell 65 million copies and itself sold nine million copies when it was release on VHS tape in 1983.
Hollywood director John Landis on a visit to Yorkshire has revealed a new Michael Jackson Thriller project. He was the special guest speaker at Sheffield Hallam University to promote the forthcoming Celluloid Screams horror film festival at Sheffield Showroom Cinema from October 21 to 23, 2016.

Corey Feldman Responds to a Tweet from Paris Jackson:

Corey Feldman is reaching out to Paris Jackson to address bullies and his memories with her father.

Feldman made headlines when he gave a curious performance of his song “Go 4 It” on the Today show. He’s received a lot of support since the negative social media backlash, and even a surge on the Billboard charts. But now, the musician and actor, 45, took to Twitter to share a positive message with Michael Jackson‘s daughter Paris.

“@ParisJackson U don’t deserve ANY of it! I hope 1 day we can talk, as Id LOVE 2 tell U + things about your father when he was a young man,” Feldman said in response to a tweet he received from the 18-year-old model on Saturday.

Jackson tweeted out to Feldman with the message, “@Corey_Feldman anything you do that makes u happy, people are going to hate on it.. but if you’re happy then it doesn’t matter. hope ur well.

Jackson has dealt with harsh criticism on social media, particularly when she was harassed for not posting a Father’s Day message honoring her late father in June. Earlier this month, Jackson shared a since-deleted Instagram video pleading fans to be more kind, according to TMZ.

Jackson joins several others – including his Stand By Me costar Jerry O’Connell and Kesha – who has stood by Feldman, who tearfully expressed his agony over the negative comments about his performance.

Feldman continued to talk about his experience on The Talk last Tuesday.

“I wanted people to see the real emotion I was feeling,” he said. “I wanted people to see, I am not fake, I am a real person and this affects me – I am made of flesh and blood and emotion.”

Corey Feldman Responds to a Tweet from Paris Jackson: 'I Hope One Day We Can Talk' About Michael| Corey Feldman, Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson
Corey Feldman Responds to a Tweet from Paris Jackson: ‘I Hope One Day We Can Talk’ About Michael|. Corey Feldman, Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson

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Conrad Murray I Didn’t Kill MJ … Blame His OTHER Docs!

Conrad Murray still insists he didn’t have a hand in Michael Jackson‘s death — despite his guilty conviction and 2 years in jail — and even believes he wasn’t the worst doctor in MJ’s life.

Murray was on “TMZ Live” to talk about the new book he wrote about Michael, who was his patient and friend. But Murray claims Jackson concealed details about other drugs he was on — besides the Propofol administered by Murray.

Watch the clip … Murray refused to own up to having any role in Michael’s homicide — instead he backed up the bus over the late Dr. Arnold Klein.

By the way, Murray’s claims about getting railroaded by the coroner and Propofol not being in Michael’s system? Read the report … he’s got it wrong.

You can see the rest of the interview on Tuesday’s “TMZ Live.”

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Judith Hill Reveals She Was on Prince’s Plane the Night of Emergency Landing


Judith Hill had already endured more than her fair share of heartache and disappointment before competing on The VoiceSeason 4 or appearing in the Oscar-winning documentary 20 Feet From Stardom. In 2009, she lost her mentor, Michael Jackson, just as she was set to perform with him at that year’s much-hyped This Is It London concerts. She ended up singing “Heal the World” at Jackson’s memorial service instead.

Five years later, Hill found a new mentor in another legend, Prince – who produced her debut album, Back in Time – only to experience an even more devastating loss, when Prince passed away suddenly this past April 21.

Judith has laid low ever since, only addressing Prince’s shocking death in a couple of heartbreaking social media posts. But now, in a new interview with the New York Times, she has revealed that she was actually with Prince on his infamous April 15 flight from Atlanta, the one that made an emergency landing after Prince fell unconscious.

Hill recalls that Prince’s “eyes [became] fixed” while the two were dining on vegetables and pasta and chatting about music during their flight to Minneapolis after Prince’s gig at Atlanta’s Fox Theater. “Thankfully, I happened to be looking into his face,” she says – noticing his change in demeanor – which allowed her to act quickly, even though she was “very freaked out.”

“He wasn’t dreary or drowsy, or anything,” Hill recalls in her NYT interview of the hospital visit. “He wanted to watchZootopia. He loved those films. I was going to pull it up on my phone. He said, ‘No, no, no, not here. We’re going to pick a special time and place to watch that.’” Hill hoped that this was a one-off incident; Prince returned to Minneapolis the same morning of his health scare.

At the time, the press reported that Prince was merely suffering from the flu. But it turned out that his April 15 Atlanta concerts would be his final performances; six days later, he was dead from a fentanyl overdose. Hill tells NYT she had no idea that Prince was abusing prescription meds due to his hip pain, saying, “I only know what everyone knows about his pain – I read about it… He was quick on his feet. Never said anything, that this is hurting, never a sign of struggle. That’s why it’s all very shocking.”

Hill does reveal to the New York Times that she was among the friends who were instrumental in getting Prince the help to beat his opiate addiction. “He [sought treatment] because he was concerned, and he wanted to do the right thing for his own body,” she says. “And that’s the part that breaks my heart, because he was trying. He was trying.”

Speaking to Yahoo Music last year, as she was preparing to release the Prince-produced Back in Time, Hill recalled her first meeting with her future friend and advisor. Prince unexpectedly invited Hill to his Paisley Park studio in Minneapolis after randomly catching a TV interview with Hill in which she spoke of her dream to work with him. She was floored. “He said, ‘I’d like to call Judith,’ and he reached out to my management,” Hill recalled incredulously. “He personally called me on my cell phone. It was an unknown number. Oh, they prepped me. They said, ‘Prince is going to call you today.’ I was shaking.”

Hill then joined Prince at Paisley Park in winter 2014 for a whirlwind recording process, that, true to the album’s title, was totally old-school: all-analog, the result of freeform Paisley Park jam sessions. One track on Back in Time, “Turn It Up,” even amusingly featured Prince yelling in the background, “Omigod, Judith, I saw you on The Voice!”

“It was so inspiring and refreshing, because it was like going back to the old days of just jamming… just hit ‘record,’ one take, organic. Nothing was too overthought, just what we felt at the time,” Hill told Yahoo Music. “His process is really amazing, and I learned a lot… He pushes you to excellence and he just wants the best for you. And he lives in a whole ‘nother world. So it rubs off on you, and you just grow so much musically.”

At the time of her Yahoo Music interview, Hill noted a common thread between Michael Jackson and Prince, two of the 1980s’ greatest musical icons, when it came to work ethic. “There’s a lot of great similarities in terms of their epicness and how they approach things,” she said. “The attention to detail, being very specific about everything they want. They see the big picture and they’re very involved. I just learned as an artist that it’s so important to be hands-on.”

But “Michael was different,” she now tells the New York Times, because she only knew Jackson “as a fan and as someone that worked for him.” Prince and Hill, on the other hand, were very close. While Hill doesn’t confirm to NYT that she was romantically involved with Prince, she does say “there was a very intense relationship. I deeply cared for him… He told me that he loved me and that he would always be there for me… Now he’s gone, and I realize I was leaning on him a lot. And that’s what’s scary. I’m on my own.”


Michael Jackson’s physician Conrad Murray tells Prince’s doctor to “get a good attorney”


Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray says he was “saddened” by the news of Prince’s death in April. The former physician, who was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter following Jackson’s death, has also issued a warning to Prince’s doctor to hire a good legal team.

It is yet to be publicly revealed how Prince died at the age of 57, on 21 April, but a doctor who is believed to have treated the legendary musician shortly before his death is said to have been questioned but not charged. Speaking about Prince’s passing, Murray told Inside Edition on 16 May that he was “saddened” by the singer’s death, adding: “I thought about him and I thought of Michael.”

Sharing his advice for Prince’s doctor, Murray said: “I would say clearly he needs an attorney, and a good one, because we have what we call ‘regular justice’ and ‘celebrity justice’.” According to Murray, who supplied Jackson with the powerful anaesthetic propofol causing the singer’s overdose in June 2009, the king of pop did not like Prince because of what he describes as “an inherent competition”. The former doctor said: “I think Michael always felt that he had set himself apart. I think he felt Prince was a ‘want-to-be’.”

During a televised trial, it was revealed that Murray had supplied Jackson with propofol in the singer’s Californian home when it is solely meant for hospital use. After his conviction in November 2011, Murray was sentenced to four years in prison but only spent two years incarcerated due to good behaviour.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson died in June 2009 after overdosing on anaesthetic propofol. His doctor Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughterReuters

Murray, who was stripped of his medical license, still maintains his innocence despite his conviction. He said: “I have lost a great deal. I’ve lost everything. Everything I’ve amassed has been taken from me as a result of an unjust verdict. I am and I remain an innocent man. On the bottle there are clear instructions. If Prince as an adult chooses to take 15 pills every six hours versus two pills every six hours, in the absence of a doctor, do you hold him responsible?”

The cause of Prince’s death was not revealed after the autopsy and the coroner has stated it could take weeks before it is publicly disclosed.

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