Hard to know if this is, in fact, every “hee-hee” and “sha-mon” by the King of Pop. But it’s definitely not really SFW.

Apologies if this sounds incredibly obvious, but Michael Jackson’s signature “sha-mon’s,” “hee-hee’s,” and other glorified scatting sounds wildly NSFW when isolated and compiled back-to-back.

Posting on behalf of his friend, Redditor capnjames uploaded this video with the caption ” ‘i got bored so compiled every michael jackson grunt/yell/scream in one video’ – my friend michael.”

It’s hard to say if this is indeed every single grunt the King of Pop ever made in his music, but what can be said is that it’s strangely mesmerizing. Just make sure you listen to this with headphones if you don’t want your workmate to look at you funny.