Fresh off his performance at Sunday night’s Billboard Awards, the hologram of deceased music superstar Michael Jackson has been hit with a restraining order today in Los Angeles after allegedly terrorizing Dr. Conrad Murray. According to Murray, who was released from jail last year after serving time for the involuntary manslaughter of the King of Pop, the Jackson family has been using the Michael Jackson hologram to continuously harass him in an attempt to ruin his life.

“For months I thought it was actually Michael Jackson’s ghost that kept staring at me from across the street, until I turned on the Billboard Music Awards,” Murray told Hollywood & Swine. “That creepy hologram follows me around everywhere I go calling me a murderer.  It’s gotten so bad that I have to give myself massive amounts of Propofol just to go to sleep at night.”

Murray isn’t the only person accusing the Jackson family of using the Michael Jackson hologram to get revenge on its enemies. Famed choreographer Wade Robson alleges that he too has been harassed repeatedly.  Robson, who testified on Michael Jackson’s behalf during his 2005 molestation trial, claims that ever since he came out last summer declaring he too was abused by the pop icon, the Michael Jackson hologram keeps showing up at his house to intimidate him into recanting his statements.

“At least with the real Michael, I could always lock myself in the bathroom to get away from him,” Robson said. “With the M.J. hologram, there’s no escape.  He can literally walk through walls.”

The Jackson family adamantly denies the allegations that the Michael Jackson hologram has been stalking Murray or Robson.  In fact, Michael Jackson’s brother, Jermaine, claims his family has absolutely no control over what the Michael Jackson hologram does.

“Tito, Jackie, Marlon, and I tried to convince the hologram to go on a Jackson 5 reunion tour with us,” Jermaine Jackson said. “But he turned us down. I guess even holograms have standards.”

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