“Happy.” This is only his second music video cameo since appearing in Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time.”



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Earvin Magic Johnson appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and discussed his friendship that he shared with not only Michael Jackson, but the Jackson family, as well. Johnson said that he has some of the most memorable times with the Jacksons.

Jimmy Kimmel mentions that he watched him speak at Michael Jackson’s memorial, and said he didn’t know that the two were friends. Johnson then reveals: “I had some of the most unbelievable fun with Michael and the Jackson brothers. I used to hang out at the house. I went on tour with the Jacksons – a couple of times. It was really cool, Jimmy, because they would send out limos – and there would be thousands and thousands of girls in front of the hotel, so they would send out the limos and everyone would think the Jackson’s were inside. Then we would come to the hotel about an hour later in these white vans, and everyone would be gone, chasing the limos down the street. ” Johnson continues, “When we would get back from the concerts, we would have pillow fights and water balloon fights – because they would block off the whole floor for the Jacksons, and we would have some of our most unbelievable fun.” Kimmel then asks how old Johnson was when all of this was happening. Johnson reveals: “It was during the Victory tour. You have to remember that Michael and I are 50. Do you remember that I was in the Remember the Time video? And I’ll tell you – people don’t know this, but Michael Jackson loved fireworks. We used to throw firecrackers and cherry bombs at his house. We would do this all day for at least 4 or 5 hours straight.” He adds, “Like I said, I had so much fun with him. Everyone thinks he was this crazy guy, but Michael was smart, and he was a lot of fun.”

Johnson went on to say that Michael, “was a genius at that music.” He told Kimmel, “I would go to the rehearsals or soundchecks and he know where everybody was supposed to be, when they were supposed to come in.