A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled Wednesday that Katherine Jackson will not get a new trial in her negligence case against concert promoters AEG Live, whom she alleges are financially liable for the 2009 death of her son, pop superstar Michael Jackson.

A jury in October rejected Jackson’s claims that AEG Live negligently hired the doctor convicted of giving her son an overdose of anesthetic in 2009.

Jackson sued AEG Live on behalf of herself and her three grandchildren, accusing the concert promoter of hiring Dr. Conrad Murray, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2011 and released from prison in October.

Jackson testified that AEG Live never told her family that her son was sleep-deprived for 60 days, was paranoid, losing weight and deteriorating before everyone’s eyes. Jackson died shortly before his comeback tour in London was scheduled to begin.

Jurors heard more than five months of evidence in the trial. Throughout the case, AEG Live maintained that there was no way executives could have known that Murray was giving Jackson the anesthetic propofol in the bedroom of his rented mansion. Jurors said later that they found Murray was “fit and competent” to be Jackson’s doctor but that doesn’t mean they thought his actions were ethical.

In their request for a new trial, Jackson’s lawyers argued the jury instructions and verdict form were flawed and didn’t allow jurors to fully consider evidence in the case. But lawyers for AEG Live told the judge during a two-hour hearing that it was actually Jackson’s lawyers who included the disputed language in drafts of the verdict form and instructions.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos agreed with the concert promoters. Jackson is expected to appeal her case to the California’s 2nd District Court of Appeal.