The women on “The Talk” on Nov. 21 discussed Conrad Murray‘s first interview since being released from prison last month.

Murray was Michael Jackson‘s doctor. He who was sentenced to four years for involuntary manslaughter of Jackson’s death in 2009. His sentence was cut in half because of good behavior.

Murray’s first post-prison interview was with Australia’s “60 Minutes” where he opened up about his relationship with Michael. He said, “I loved Michael, I love him.” Notice his answer went from past tense (loved) to present tense (love) That’s because Murray claims Jackson visits him every day and talks to him.

Murray maintained his innocence throughout his trial and while serving his prison sentence. Now he is a free man, but he no longer has a license to practice medicine.

The hosts of the show didn’t have any kind words to say about Murray.

Watch the short video above to hear for yourself what Julie, Aisha, Sharon, Sarah and Cheryl said about Murray and his claim to have visits from Michael Jackson.

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