Corey Feldman attempts to channel Michael Jackson

 Fans of the Corey Feldman discography — believe it or not, he’s recorded three albums — are in luck. The former child star and Lost Boy has unveiled his first official (fascinatingly bizarre) music video, “Ascension Millennium,” and a new EDM sound, and the result is…well…you really just have to watch it.

Sean Astin & Corey Feldman reunion alert!

(Stefon-from-“SNL” voice) This video has everything…Corey in the shower…gloves that are three sizes too small for his manly hands…random product placement for some plain-wrap energy drink…guyliner…a Miley-on-a-budget pool party…pancakes…party girls in Halloween Superstore angel outfits…lots of super-intense grimaces…and even a cameo by Corey’s old Goonies co-star Sean Astin (the first time they’ve been onscreen together in 25 years, although their reunion lasts all of four seconds).

Who’s bad?

But most interestingly/bafflingly, the all-one-take video features Corey dressed like his childhood pal Michael Jackson and attempting to do some sort of “Billie Jean”-esque dance sequence. Corey had a well-documented and rather twisted history with Michael. He testified at the fallen King of Pop’s 2005 child molestation trial that at age 13 he’d looked at nude photos with the singer, though he denied that Michael had abused him. He expressed great grief when Michael passed away four years ago, and appeared at the MJ memorial dressed in a Jackson-inspired outfit. Earlier this year, he performed a very odd surprise Jackson tribute in the middle of a Limp Bizkit concert.

Suffice to say, Corey doesn’t exactly have the moves like Jackson in his “Ascension Millennium” video. And he also seems really, really ANGRY throughout. Like, neck-vein-poppingly angry. (Maybe he ought to lay off those energy drinks just a bit.) But we’re not angry; we’re actually thrilled (pun intended) that this amazingly, awesomely weird video is a thing. It’s like we dreamed a little dream, and it came true.

Corey Feldman Is Heart Broken Over Michael Jackson While Leaving CNN. 06 25 09