Criss Angel BeLIEve is routinely mindblowing, but for Halloween, it’s downright frightening. Criss Angel will attempt to raise the dead tomorrow night – and we want to be sure you don’t miss it.

[WARNING: This article contains an image and video that may be disturbing to some readers.]

Criss Angel

In the appropriately titled “Raise The Dead,” Criss tackles a question asked many times over – is it possible to bring someone back to life? He’s determined to find out, and what happens when he tries will shock you more than any scary movie. Let’s just say we didn’t sleep after we saw it.

And that’s not all. In keeping with the spirit of Halloween, you’ll also witness a few other creepy demonstrations. Just like your favorite haunted house, there’s a fair amount of blood and screaming involved. This episode isn’t for the faint of heart – but it’s one that will leave your jaw on the floor.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at this photo.

Criss Angel Believe

Criss is no stranger to attempting incredibly ambitious feats; already Spike audiences have seen him succeed at a“buried alive” escape similar to the one that famously killed Joe Burrus, and stop a speeding bullet where 12 other magicians had previously failed. But can he actually confront death? That’s something you’ll have to find out tomorrow night.

Criss Angel BeLIEve airs Tuesday at 10 PM ET/PT on Spike. Stay tuned tomorrow for our preview of the Halloween special. Until then, check out a squirm-inducing clip below.