Sharon Osbourne To Expose AEG In Court For Knowingly Pushing Michael Jackson Too Hard Before His Death!

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The more we know about the circumstances surrounding Michael Jackson‘s death, the more we mourn for such a tragedy that could have totally been prevented.

According to Sharon Osbourne, AEG executives told her MJ wasn’t well enough to perform during rehearsals for his upcoming world tour.

The fiery rock matriarch told her audience on The Talk:

“There were certain people that work at that company (AEG) that knew that Michael Jackson was not well and they didn’t care because it’s business, and at the end of the day whether he performed ,or he didn’t, they would still make money. I’ve had conversation’s with certain people at that company, who have said exactly that to me. If they would like me to go to court (the Jackson family), I will stand up and tell them who said that to me!”

And sure enough, Sharon has been added to the plaintiff’s witness list in the King of Pop’s wrongful death civil trial, with sources saying:

“The jury will be extremely interested to hear what Sharon has to say. Sharon is extremely credible, and she doesn’t have an axe to grind with anyone in this case. She just wants to tell the truth about what certain key executives at AEG told her before Michael tragically passed away. This goes to the heart of Katherine’s case that AEG knew Michael wasn’t healthy, and everyone at AEG knew it.”

We really hope justice is served here. That is absolutely despicable that company execs would knowingly push a living human being so hard when he’s clearly unwell. Disgusting!

Nothing will be able to bring him back, but we hope the legal system shows you can’t screw with people’s lives like this for profit.

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]