Keith Murray and his nephew Conrad Murray

05 February 2010

The family of Michael Jackson’s personal doctor, who is facing manslaughter charges over the singer’s death, today insisted he is innocent.

Dr Conrad Murray’s uncle, who lives in London, said his nephew was “liked and trusted” by the pop star and “did his best by him”.

Speaking exclusively to the Standard, Keith Murray blamed the Jackson family for putting him in the frame, saying “they are crazy people”.

Cardiologist Dr Murray, 56, was reportedly the last person to see Jackson alive. He allegedly gave the 50-year-old singer a fatal dose of propofol, a powerful anaesthetic, to help him sleep.

The doctor says nothing he gave the star should have killed him.

His uncle, a retired mechanic who lives in Shepherd’s Bush, said: “They are blaming Conrad for everything but he is innocent. There were other doctors supplying Michael with drugs but they are only focusing on Conrad, who tried to do the best for him and desperately tried to save him.”

Mr Murray, 70, a brother of the doctor’s mother Meltha Rush, added: “Michael liked and trusted Conrad. He asked him to be his personal doctor after he once treated one of Michael’s kids. Conrad was at his side for the last three weeks of his life and was coming to London with him for the tour.”

Mr Murray said he last spoke to his nephew after Christmas and he was “in good spirits”. He said: “Conrad told me he is innocent and said he hoped and believed justice would prevail.”

Dr Murray was scheduled to appear at a Los Angeles court today accused of involuntary manslaughter.

But his arrival was delayed when police, who wanted to take him there in manacles, objected to an alleged deal with the District Attorney allowing him to surrender voluntarily. Compromise talks were continuing today.

If convicted, Dr Murray could be jailed for up to four years.