Jackson brothers still feel Michael’s presence

Jermaine Jackson has revealed that he sees Michael Jackson on stage with him when he’s performing.

Jermaine and brothers Jackie, 61, Tito, 59, and Marlon, 55, recently decided to reform The Jacksons without fifth member Michael, who died in 2009 aged 50.

But the band, who are currently touring the UK, feel their late brother’s presence is still with them.

‘I see him next to me on stage every night,’ says Jermaine, 58.

Tito adds: ‘We do it for Michael every show. You can feel his presence on stage with us. His spirit is alive.’

The Jacksons hope that touring will help them to get over their grief as well as continue Michael’s legacy.

And it seems that Michael‘s daughter Paris Jackson is also keen to carry on where the King of Pop left off.

Paris plays guitar – Tito showed her some licks,’ Jackie tells the Daily Star.

‘I heard her play the other day and I was impressed. She’s really serious about it and she’s learning fast.’