Music Hall continues the Never Ending Story

Peter Pan, the Never Ending Story begins where all former productions came to an end. This creation will be surprising, appealing … and extremely alive. Peter Pan will be a combination of musical and spectacle. The audience will experience a rollercoaster of different emotions, fantastic musical highlights and spectacular visual images.

An impressive creative team, lead by Geert Allaert, guarantees a unique experience, not only for the young, but for all the young at heart, from 7 to 77!

The direction and scenography was entrusted to Luc Petit, who was the right hand of Franco Dragone (e.g., Cirque du Soleil) for 10 years and is artistic co-director of the festival ‘Juste pour rire’ in Montreal. The music is composed and arranged by Matt Dunkley, one of the world’s most famous film composers and arrangers who in the past has worked on such films as Moulin Rouge, Black Swan, The Dark Knight and Pirates of the Caribbean. The costumes will be designde by Belgian fashion designer Kaat Tilley, creator of a whole new world.

In order to reach an extraordinary and sensational effect, Music Hall will use classical scenery techniques in combination with the most modern projection and sound techniques.

Tinkelbel in ‘Peter Pan – The Never Ending Story’