Over the years the question has come up about several different deceased musical artists ‘are they still alive?’

Did they fake their own death, did they die the way it has been claimed?

Elvis Presley? Michael Jackson? Jim Morrison? People have claimed since their deaths that they have seen these people, have proof or questions of a conspiracy theory, or they are apart of an urban legend.

Elvis Presley’s gravesite in the backyard of Graceland.

(photo of the sarcophagus is circa 1950)
in the Holly Terrace section of the Great Mausoleum
at Forest Lawn in Glendale, California


Morrison’s grave at Père Lachaise (August 2008)

Elvis Presley is still alive and well in Kalamazoo, Michigan? There is supposed to be DNA proof that concludes that Elvis Presley’s death may have been faked. There have been claims that Elvis was to be on the Moon in 1969 and that he was actually the first man to walk on the surface during the lunar landing. It has also been stated that he died on the Moon and that is why NASA had to make the fake video of the moon walk.
The Elvis Files shows some of the best arguments about Elvis still being alive. The body in the coffin on display allegedly didn’t look like Elvis, there were also beads of sweat on the body (dead bodies don’t sweat), and his own cousin didn’t believe it was Elvis. A lot of Presley’s belongings were missing, his middle name on the gravesite is miss-spelled, and there have been pictures taken of Elvis after his death. One of the pictures was taken of the back of the house that shows Elvis sitting in the doorway on New Years Eve 1977, four months after his death. That doorway has since been sealed off to the public so no one can look in or out. Allegedly, Elvis signed his own death certificate as well. Hand writing experts have matched his death certificate to the letter that was sent to Richard Nixon in 1970. The expert claims that the hand writing matches exactly.
Allegedly Elvis was a federal agent and had to enter the witness protection program. There were supposedly death threats against Presley by some very powerful people and the only way for him to get away from the threats was to fake his own death. The believers in these theories even think he would go as far as to play an Elvis impersonator as a means to support himself. There are logical explanations for all of these theories and arguments that really don’t need to be mentioned. Think about it.
After the death of Michael Jackson, people came out of the woodwork stating they just saw him. A shaky video showing a person getting out of the back of a coroner van is now supposed to be proof that The King of Pop is still alive. There is no face seen, no glittering glove, and nothing else that tells you it could ever be him. The man has a similar build as Jackson, but how many people in the world do? There are several great impersonators of Michael throughout the world. Michael Firestone is an incredible imitator of Jackson who sings and dances like him too. It easily could have been him in the back of the van. Doubtful, but it could’ve been him.
The video was actually done to show how fast conspiracy theories can be spread on the internet. The hoax was a concoction to show how easily internet users could be manipulated by all the false information on the internet. It just proves how gullible human beings can be and that we will believe anything. On a T.V. show they raised the question about seeing Michael Jackson’s ghost as a shadow appeared in a hallway at his home. Now the Neverland Ranch is haunted by his spirit as well?
Lisa Marie Presley was married to Jackson in the 1990’s
With Michael being married at least briefly into the Presley family, is it possible he faked his own death the way people think Elvis did? They both died from too much medication according to the coroner’s reports. It is amazing how history repeats itself.
Jim Morrison dies mysteriously July 3, 1971. No autopsy was conducted, no one saw his body, and no one really knows how he died. Did he have a heart attack? Was it a drug overdose? Was he murdered? The Lizard King was found by his significant other at the time in the bathtub. It has been claimed that the American government had killed Jim in an attempt to regain control over the American youth. Morrison had referred to himself as number 3 and that he was going to be the third person to die mysteriously. Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin were supposed to be numbers 1 and 2. Some fans believe that Morrison faked his own death just to escape the spotlight and the American government. His longtime girlfriend first stated that he was, “very tired and resting in a hospital,” but then reports came out that he was dead. Very few people had ever seen his body before the burial. No one ever found out how he really died. It’s all still a mystery even today.
All of these theories are just speculation within the imagination. These people were all rich and could’ve paid their way into faking their own deaths. Getting away from the fame seemed to be all of their trouble. Most of these allegations of conspiracy theories are as ridiculous as JFK being kept alive on life support at Area 51 by aliens that crashed here in 1947 at Roswell, New Mexico. These three people are alive within our minds and within stories that can be told to our children’s children and beyond. Elvis, Michael, and Jim truly can never die. What they did while they were here is something that will long be remembered. They will never be left alone so their spirits can rest.