“M” by My DNA Fragrance brings Scent of Michael Jackson; A Perfume made of Michael Jackson’s DNA


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King of Pop MICHAEL JACKSON has gone forever in June 25, 2009 but yet his spirit carries on and transcend in various ways. One takes shape of a perfume. Well, MJ the pre-eminent endorser of Fedora hat has made his resurrection as a perfume company based on Beverly Hills – California, MY DNA FRAGRANCE  launches a new line of fragrance called “M”, engineered from Michael Jackson’s DNA Genetic Codes.

The ‘Michael Jackson’s Perfume’ is made of the lightest but most volatile essence. It is claimed to be a one-of-a-kind fragrance that will leave a fragrant imprint of Michael Jackson. Much like the legend himself, this cologne is unique, indescribable, and like no other cologne in the world.

\'M\' by My DNA Fragrance, made based on Michael Jackson\'s DNA genetic code

‘M’ by My DNA Fragrance, made based on Michael Jackson’s DNA genetic code

M’ is part of the ANTIQUITY COLLECTION, a line of exclusive fragrance manufactured based on the DNA Genetic Code of celebrities taken from their hair. Where did the company get the hair from?

Since three years ago, My DNA Fragrance has collaborated with John Reznikoff, founder and President of University Archives and the world’s finest historical hair collector. Reiznikoff private collections include celebrity’s hair from the 16th century to present, such as Henry IV, Jefferson Davis, Beethoven, Edgar Allan Poe, Albert Einstein, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Katharine Hepburn.