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Two British men have been arrested in the U.K. over charges that they hacked into Sony Music’s archive and illegally downloaded thousands of songs—many of them comprising Sony’s prized catalog of Michael Jackson music.

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Per the BBC, James Marks, 26, and James McCormick, 25, were busted last May and are scheduled to stand trial next January.

Sony confirms the hacking, but would not disclose the number of tracks that were stolen. Reports, however, peg that number to be over 50,000, and sources indicate that Jackson’s entire catalog of music may have been compromised.

That’s one mighty expensive catalog: In 2010, Sony signed the biggest deal in recording history when it forked over $250 million to Michael Jackson’s estate for the rights to his music.

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The deal reportedly included his entire back catalog, as well as 10 new recordings over the next seven years.

The hacking news deals yet another crushing blow to Sony, whose popular PlayStation network was also hacked last year, forcing it to shut down for three weeks. All told, the security breach compromised the personal information of more than 70 million users.

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