Dr. Conrad Murry, Michael Jackson’s former personal doctor — accused of involuntary manslaughter after he admitted to administering a lethal dose of the sedative Propofol to the singer — is ready to clear the record and clear his name in a book he claims will prove his innocence.

A source tells X17 Murray is shopping a book that will explain his relationship with Michael and delve into the medical details behind his treatment of the singer. We’re told there will be details about the Propofol, about Michael’s insurance policy with concert promoter AEG and about Michael’s final moments during which Murray allegedly failed to perform CPR properly and, allegedly, made other phone calls before calling 911 when Jackson appeared not to be breathing.

Meanwhile, our source says Murray is writing the book not only to clear his name amid the pending trail in which he faces a possibly four-year prison term if he’s found guilty, he’s also doing it to counter another book he says is in the works, that aims at destroying the doctor’s credibility and blaming him fully for Jackson’s death.

Murray is said to be immensely worried about his legacy and how history will treat him — another impetus for him to write a book: “Conrad wants his son to see that his dad was innocent. He doesn’t want his boy to grow up thinking his dad was a murderer,” the source tells X17online exclusively.

A court of law, however, will be charged with making that legal decision. A judge and jury will hear Murray’s case in September now that a judge postponed the trial. The jury selection process that was already underway will likely be thrown out and all 171 potential jurors dismissed so a new selection process can start September 8, with opening statements expected on the 20th.

Do you think Murray will be found guilty or innocent?