What a Thriller! Paris Jackson was having fun and messing around with her brothers as they left their acting class in Hollywood

With striking blue eyes, she looked healthy and tanned in her trendy white
and red Converse sneakers and was wearing an identical pendant necklace to her
brother Prince.

The pendant showed some kind of abstract almost flower-like pattern on it,                
but it’s not clear what, if anything, it signifies.

Meanwhile her elder brother, 14-year-old Prince, had scrawled a message on
his arm in pen.

He had written on his left lower arm: ‘Live life free and without regrets,  Freedom!’

Together with their long-haired brother Blanket, nine, the trio have been
attending regular after-school acting classes.

Since their father died in June 2009, the Jackson family have been determined
that the children live a more normal life and seem to be making a great success
of their plan so far.

In February, the children gave an interview on U.S. television and said they
even fancied following their late father into showbusiness.

Prince however was a bit more vague about his career aspirations, saying
simply: ‘Continue what our dad was doing.’

The children are cared for by the Jackson clan matriarch Katherine, 80, who
is trying to ensure they have a normal life as possible – meaning going to
school and after-school clubs for the first time.

Their aunt La Toya, 54, is also playing a large part in their upbringing and
said that they were thriving in their life now.

She said of her nephews and niece in March: ‘They have gone to school and
they really like it, so I’m very happy for them. It’s taught them something
totally different about people and life. They’re just enjoying themselves.’

Old life: Paris and Prince with their late father on a trip to Berlin Zoo Old life: Paris and Prince with their late father on a
trip to Berlin Zoo in 2002

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