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“Stand as one” World Cup Song by David Campos & Martin PK

This is the song that is catching on like wild fire in South Africa. Who cares what the rest of the world is doing because the Host nation of South Africa is singing to a different beat . David Campos & Martin PK composed “Stand As One” World Cup song to inspire all South Africans and people from around the world for the World Cup Soccer.

Martin PK won in the “Coca Cola Pop Stars” competition out of 15 000 entrants. He went on to sell gold and become a well known figure in the South African media. He has done some acting on “7de Laan” and “BackStage” . He is especially known for his incredible stage performance.

Possible connection

Michael Jackson paid several visits to South Africa, even singing Happy Birthday to former president Nelson Mandela.

He announced his HIStory world tour at the Lost Palace at Sun City in 1996, and toured South Africa in 1997.

Jackson was also close to former South African television star, Prudence Solomon, who married close friend of Jackson’s and the former chief executive of Sun City,  Gerry Inzerello. Jackson was best man at their wedding. Jackson’s elderly parents jetted into Cape Town to see their son and attend Inzerello’s wedding. At the time, Inzerlleo said: Ask Michael which is his favourite country, he’ll undoubtedly say South Africa. This place inspires him.”
Tributes from South Africans are pouring in. The Nelson Mandela Foundation has expressed its sorrow at his death. In a statement, the Foundation said:  ”The Nelson Mandela Foundation regrets the untimely passing of Michael Jackson. His loss will be felt by his fans worldwide.” Jackson met Mandela in 1999 and made a donation to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.  South African film producer Anant Singh said on he was “deeply saddened” by the death of  Jackson. “We are deeply saddened by the death of Michael Jackson. He was a unique and amazing entertainer who enthralled millions of fans throughout the world and will be mourned by all of us.”

The Palace of the Lost City, MJ’s Hotel?

Michael is a big shareholder of Sun International, which is the owner of Sun City in South Africa.

There are 4 hotels in Sun City and one of them is “The Palace of Lost City” which Michael owns completely.

Very few people know about that…

The Palace of Lost City:

The Palace of the Lost City


“The Palace of the Lost City in South Africa ranks as one of the world’s most extraordinary hotels. The centerpiece of the extraordinary Palace of the Lost City complex is a fairytale palace residence, built with unbelievable attention to detail. The interior features exquisite mosaics, frescoes and hand-painted ceilings depicting South Africa ‘s wildlife and culture. Hard to believe that this is all located in a remote part of South Africa!”

Developed by Sol Kerzner, the boxer-turned-businessman known locally as the “Sun King,” who capitalized on South Africa’s stern antigambling laws by situating Sun City in the then homeland of Bophuthatswana, Sun City is unlikely to bowl over anyone who’s ever been to Vegas, but it continues to rake in visitors and Bollywood film crews who love its larger than life atmosphere. The resort is relatively easy to get around, with shuttle buses constantly moving from one end to the next. A “sky train” takes visitors without cars from the entrance to the entertainment center. Closest to the entrance are the Kwena Crocodile Sanctuary, Waterworld, and The Cabanas, followed by the tacky Sun City Hotel, Casino, and world-famous Gary Player Golf Club. Adjoining this club to the north is the more upmarket Cascades Hotel and Entertainment Centre, from where you enter the grounds of the Palace of the Lost City — for most visitors, the star attraction.

The Palace was built 12 years after Sun City opened, and the sheer magnitude of its opulence is proof of the amount of money taken from those frequenting Sun City’s slot machines and tables. Separated from the rest of the resort by “The Bridge of Time” — a large stone structure that shudders and rumbles at preappointed times from a mythical earthquake, and is lined with a “guard of honor” of carved elephants — the Palace is entered through the massive Mighty Kong Gates. Looking down on the rivers and jungle vegetation, it’s hard to imagine that 15 years ago this was nothing but a dusty, rocky plain. From the bridge, you can clearly see the “Valley of Waves,” where landlocked Gautengers learn to “surf” on simulated waves, tan on man-made beaches, and hurtle down steep waterslides, reaching speeds of up to 35kmph (22 mph; note that the Valley is closed in winter). In the distance, overlooking a lake filled with live flamingos, is the majestic Palace, with what seems like an entire jungle of carved animals in attendance. Surrounding the Palace is what must be the most artfully landscaped garden in Africa, featuring five trails through 22 different sections of forest. The theme (that of a “lost city” that has been rediscovered and restored) is sometimes carried to ridiculous extremes, but the craftsmanship is world-class; the fantasy landscape is quite overwhelming. With Michael Jackson a majority shareholder, things can only get weirder.