1. Write down exactly what you want to achieve, word it clearly. This is the TARGET.
  2. Repeat the target over and over. Believe in it.
  3. Forbid all other ideas to distract you from the target.
  4. Imagine how life will be when you achieve the target. Visualise the details vividly, with tastes, sensations, and sounds.
  5. Create a movie in your head and watch yourself achieving your aim – hitting the target.
  6. Visualise how others will react to you when you have achieved your target.
  7. Speak out clearly, never mumble – how else can the world hear you?
  8. Before you sleep, run the target words three times through your mind like a hypnotist.
  9. Always believe in yourself. You have the Mindpower.
  10. Only you can achieve your target. No one else can do it for you. Seize the responsibility, go for it!




“And then there’s Uri’s show in the Netherlands. Yesterday he said, a controversial well-known peron would reveal her/himself next week and it would be breaking news everywhere.
Credits to Nora and Tammy Jackson from MJHD.net:

Uri Geller said:
“I’m taking a BIG RISK to reveal this, let me tell you that I’m 99.9 % sure that it will happen next week, so please do not be mad at me when this breaking news event will not go through, but I’m a positive thinker and next week Someone that everybody in the Netherlands knows will be here LIVE in this mental arena, He or She, they are hugely controversial, you can not imagine what interest this will cause and I’ll tell you what, I’ll reveal to you that I spoke to this person recently and the fact that He or She agreed to come on to this show is MEGA!
Now, under my mental abilities you will all be mesmerized and you will want to know THE TRUTH!
That’s all I can say… Please be aware that there is a tiny chance that this person will not show up, we will not know for sure until hopefully the beginning or middle of next week, we don’t know, we have to wait and see… “

Who could it be?

MJ asked Uri to draw him a drawing for his last CD Invincible so this is what Uri drew.

But this is the version that his record label ended up with


The significance of Invincible

An extraordinary and original artwork found in the Invincible album booklet, designed by Uri Geller, Michael Jackson’s best friend. (picture can be seen below)

Drawn on a napkin at 11:11pm at a hotel in New York City, this remarkable make up of elements and positive symbols are the inner core of Invincible.

Depicted with fascinating dimensions, Uri Geller has captured the most precious and beautiful collections of words and signs of Love, Peace, Hope and Light.

Illustrated at the centre of the picture are the profiles of a man and woman looking towards each other crowned with the head of an eagle and bound between their lips by a symbol representing the tunnel of light. Light that shines for future hope and love. The word PEACE and a heart connect their third eyes representing love and calmness.

The sign of ever lasting life and peace is INFINITY, seen as a figure 8 laid horizontally, radiating beneath the two faces. Below Infinity is a picture of a fish, which symbolises fertility. The fish emits sonar waves that convert into infinity signs.

Shooting out of the woman’s head is a UFO representing the positive force and intelligence from the outer universe and above the man’s head a BOX that characterises the 2001 Space Odyssey black slab computer, the mind from another race in the universe. Under the box, is an indescribable gun, drawn with a mystical mind, firing bullets that melt on release. This marks the end of war. PEACE. The word URI written beneath the bullets, in English and Hebrew has major significance. In Hebrew, the word URI means ‘my light’. The letters U.R.I. are translated ‘YOU ARE I’ meaning, you are like me. That is peace and end of war, when we can see that we are all as one, alike, invincible.

The pyramids seen blazing in the picture represent the Egyptian Pharaohs who believed spirits could see the stars. Uri believes the pyramids were levitated with Mindpower to that provision. Pyramids also symbolise one of the Seven Wonders of the World, which is parallel to Michael Jackson as one of the most extraordinary and unique artists in the world.

The Flames found over the pyramids and the mind box radiate energy and power.

Fire flames were the first signal humanity had to warm themselves from cold and to be able to cook. Presented here as advancement in evolution, much like Michael’s music and humanitarianism, continuously developing and evolving.

The word, LOVE, can be found written beneath a symbol of Nautilus, depicted as a spiral shell, which dates back millions of years. This is the house, the eternal castle. Nautilus is Love.

What I believe to be the centre of this fascinating picture, is an eye that can be found on the top left known in many different cultures around the world to be the invincible evil protector.

To the left of the magnificent eye is a symbol from an outer planet. To the right a striking and wondrous star. A pentagram representing the five elements of the universe:


It is an ancient symbol, the oldest star. Originally discovered by the Sumerians in ancient Syria, the star was held as a sacred object. It shines so beautifully over the entire magic of Michael Jackson.

Michael’s daughter, Paris is written in The Milky Way of shooting stars that reveals a tail of the comet. Prince is written under Paris.

The letter SHIN in Hebrew can be found under the box symbolising God.

On the left of the drawing appears to be a tree or an atomic blast leaping out of the picture.

Michael’s birth date 29/08/58 appears in the picture. The number 29 has the powerful force of the number 11 (9+2), the power of your mind. And the month August is the eighth month that represents infinity.

What Sony removed from this picture makes it all the more phenomenal. The words: GOD, ANGEL, USA, JER-USA-LEM (USA being part of the word) and a picture of the Star of David were all removed from the original drawing.

The illustration has now found a connecting ground from the outer world, which explains the mystery and magic of Invincible.

Uri Geller has also designed the star logo for the pop group, N’sync. Uri told them that the power of the star logo would make them the biggest boy band in the world. That has now come true.

This magnificent artwork will crown Michael Jackson’s album through spirituality and mankind as well as preserving the quality and genius of the man and his music.

A retraction broadcast by Larry King on CNN and an apology from The Sun in England

Living with Michael Jackson

2009-03-01 7:09

Whilst I continue to welcomely receive emails from people using this website I would ask that you please do not contact me in order to question my loyalty to my late friend Michael Jackson. I am outraged at having been portrayed in a false light in connection with events that took place during Michael’s lifetime. Specifically I would refer you to the retraction that was broadcast on CNN by Larry King, 10 July, and would confirm that my lawyers are handling a false and defamatory statement which was made by a guest on a previous show.  Lastly please be assured that I did not benefit financially in any way whatsoever as a result of Martin Bashir’s interview with Michael Jackson. I am forwarding any communications to the contrary to my lawyers for appropriate action.The most painful thing to me is to be described as a person who sells out a close friend for money.

CNN LARRY KING LIVEMichael Jackson Drug Abuse Details Emerge

Aired July 10, 2009 – 21:00   ET


KING: Let me get a break in. Back with more of the panel. In connection with a comment made by our guest Dr. Arnold Kline on Wednesday’s program, we were contacted by Uri Geller, who said he did not personally receive any money whatsoever in connection with the Martin Bashir interview with Michael Jackson. The doctor said he did. The Dr. Kline interview will be repeated tomorrow night. We’ll be right back.

See the video here

Check here an apology from The UK Sun newspaper