Michael Jackson’s doctor due in court

Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, is due in court Monday on an involuntary manslaughter charge stemming from the King of Pop’s sudden death last June.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Peter Espinoza is expected to set a date for a hearing to determine if there is enough evidence to require the 57-year-old doctor to stand trial on the felony charge filed Feb. 9.

Murray pleaded not guilty to the charge.

A representative of the California Attorney General’s Office is also set to ask the judge to prevent Murray from practicing medicine in California while the criminal case is pending.


Dr. Conrad Murray is now in the courtroom of the judge who will preside over his manslaughter case.

With Jackson’s family watching, Judge Michael Pastor is expected to decide if Dr. Murray should have his license to practice medicine in California suspended while he awaits trial.

Here’s the play-by-play as it goes down:

UPDATE 2:43 PM PT — We’re all done. We’re live outside the courtroom to get exits.

UPDATE 2:42 PM PT — The state AG raised the issue of yanking Murray’s medical license — but the judge shot it down, putting the matter off until the June hearing.

UPDATE 2:40 PM PT — A preliminary setting was set for June 14 at 12:30 PM.

UPDATE 2:35 PM PT — More disclosure: Attorney General Jerry Brown appointed Judge Pastor back when Brown was a governor in 1983. Small world.

UPDATE 2:30 PM PT — In the interest of full disclosure, Judge Pastor told the lawyers he wrote a letter of recommendation on behalf of the prosecutor who is seeking to become a judge. He said he is not friendly with the prosecutor and it will not effect his decisions at all.

UPDATE 2:26 PM PT — Everyone is out of chambers. Here we go!

UPDATE 2:18 PM PT — Murray is rocking back and forth in his chair.

UPDATE 2:15 PM PT — Katherine just took her glasses off, dried her eyes and wiped her nose while Janet stroked her back.

UPDATE 2:03 PM PT — The lawyers for both sides are still in chambers.

UPDATE 1:52 PM PT — A Jackson fan gave Katherine a few red roses. She’s sitting with them on her lap.

— Murray has entered the courtroom. He’s at the defendant’s table. The family is in court too.